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One Day at A Time

Living a joy-filled life without your fur-baby will day at a time.

Working with fellow pet parents and being one myself, there's a common belief that we will never find/experience happiness and a joy-filled life again after our beloved has passed.

Let's be honest...for many of us, the devastating loss of our fur-baby has made us question our sense of purpose and the ability to see life through the lens of hope, joy, safety, and stability.

The truth is, these feelings are natural when you experience such a traumatic loss. But, here's the good news...these feelings are not permanent. Instead, they are temporary and a natural part of the grieving process.

Your sense of purpose, faith in the goodness of God, and desire to love deeply again will be restored as you provide/allow yourself to grieve your broken heart with a grateful heart.

The above picture reflects the sun may be hidden for a moment in time, but will come up again...

Just as the sun comes up every 24 hours, so will your love, gratitude, respect, and honor for the relationship you had with your sweet one...

Each new day that comes your way is an open invitation to reflect upon your gratitude for what has been and is to come. Having a daily gratitude journal is one of the best medicines for healing your tender heart.

Encouragement for the day: Just for today, remember how blessed you are and what a better person you have become because your sweet baby was in your life...then repeat tomorrow, and each day after that...

I believe in you!

If your heart needs some extra encouragement and support right now, you can book a session with me below. I'm here for you.

From my heart to yours,



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