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This is Real

The love you share with your fur-baby is real regardless of what non-pet parents say.

You know this well. Your love for fido is real. Even more real than the love we share with some of our human companions, right?

From the moment you laid eyes on them to the first time they did the goofiest thing ever, you knew this kind of unconditional love was the real deal.

When our pet goes to heaven, the unconditional love we felt lives on forever.

I believe that we have a choice in how we keep the legacy of our beloved alive.

We can stay stuck in what once was, or we can honor the love lessons, cherish the memories, and keep their precious spirit alive within us by paying the lessons we learned forward to others in gratitude.

Learning from love

He always believed the best in you. She always forgave you. He would never go to bed angry with you. She loved every mistake you made. He never lied to you. She took the good times and bad times as just time with you. He thought you were the best human being out there. She thought your snoring was cute...

I can see plenty of lessons in the above for sure. I would love to hear yours... :)

Here's what I know. Life is short. Enjoy the precious memories and lessons of love from the one who loved you most.

Keep remembering, talking about, and dreaming of what it will be like when you're reunited with your fur-baby in heaven. And while you're still here on Earth, love deeply because it's real.

From my heart to yours,



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