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🐾 Losing a beloved pet is never easy, but honoring their memory can bring comfort and warmth. Introducing the  Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Candle made by Seventh Avenue Candles and designed by me – a heartfelt blend of personalized aromatherapy crafted to celebrate and honor the cherished moments you shared with your furry friend.


✨ Elevate Gift-Giving to an Experience:


Imagine the delight on your friend, co-worker, or family member's face as they unwrap the exquisite 11oz jar, revealing the captivating hues of soy wax – from pristine white to warm yellow. The dual cotton-cored wicks invite them to embark on a sensory journey, casting a soft, flickering light that transforms any space into a haven of tranquility.


🎁 Thoughtful Tributes for Every Occasion:


The Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Candle transcends the ordinary, whether it's a sympathy gift for a grieving friend, a comforting gesture for a family member, or a touching present for a co-worker. It's a gift of solace, a fragrant reminder that love knows no boundaries, even up in Heaven.


✨ Scented Elegance in Every Jar:


Our 11oz candles embody the essence of tranquility. Made with clean-burning 100% Food Grade Soy Wax and infused with the finest fragrance oils, these candles ensure a fragrant journey that resonates with the soul.


🌿 Minted Lavender & Sage:


Experience the serene blend of sea salt and green apple, harmoniously paired with lavender, white sage, and mint. Notes of sea moss, warm sand, and driftwood add a comforting depth to your space.


🕯️ Double the Tranquility with Two Cotton-Cored Wicks:


Ignite the power of memories with the soothing glow of dual cotton-cored wicks. Watch as the flames dance elegantly, casting a soft, flickering light and illuminating the room with a gentle ambiance.


🔒 Premium Quality, Assembled in the USA:


Rest assured, our candles are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Your Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Candle is phthalate–and lead-free, ensuring a safe and pure aromatic experience. With an average burn time of 65 hours, these candles are a lasting tribute to the enduring love you shared with your pet.


🌍 Globally Sourced, Assembled in the USA:


Our candles are assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts, embodying a commitment to quality that transcends borders.


💖 A Gesture Beyond Words:


Your Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Candle is more than a gift; it's a gesture that speaks volumes without saying a word. Express your sympathy, share in a friend's grief, or celebrate a cherished pet's life with this fragrant token of love.


🕯️ Create a Personal Haven:


Add a personal touch to your aromatherapy and let your Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Candle become a beacon of solace, illuminating the cherished memories of your four-legged companion.


🐾 Cherish the Memories, Illuminate the Love:


Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, your Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Candle is an invitation to illuminate love, cherish memories, and provide solace in the gentle glow of fragrant reminiscence.



🕯️ How to Personalize:


Enter Your Pet's Name: Provide the correct spelling of your beloved pet's name in the customization box during checkout.


✨ Why Personalize?


A Lasting Tribute: Your pet's name becomes a part of the candle, forever remembered in the warm glow.


Unique Gift:


Perfect for gifting to friends and family, adding a personal touch that makes the candle truly special.


Memorialize Moments:


Capture the essence of your pet's presence with a customized keepsake.


🌈 Illuminate Your Pet's Legacy, One Personalized Candle at a Time! 


Sending you and your family many blessings for 2024! 


From my heart to yours,


Rachel xoxo



 One size
Height, in4.25
Diameter, in3.25


Personalized Pet Loss Memorial Candle: Fragrant Tribute-Unforgettable Companion

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