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Podcast Interview: "Finding God in Our Pain ~ Podcast with Sherrie Pilkington" is an Excellent Resource for Learning about God's Faithfulness in Our Grief.

- "Because every shattered heart needs to know they're not alone" ~ Sherrie

Beloved friends, it's a pleasure to introduce you to my new friend, Sherrie, and her podcast, which I believe can be helpful for anyone who has experienced loss and questions where God is in our pain.

The podcast is called "Finding God in Our Pain." Sherrie shares my passion for supporting people during difficult times such as death, grief, and loss.

We recently had a divine conversation about God, faith, and pet loss, which you can listen to here.

Finding God in Our Pain with Sherrie Pilkington ~ Podcast

Sherrie is a Speaker, Podcast Host, Podcast Guest, and Storyteller of God's faithfulness in every phase of life.

Sherrie's podcast is truly inspiring. Her personal story and the interviews she conducts with guests on her show will touch your heart and help remind you that God is with you and will not leave you!

Final Thought

If you or someone you know struggles with feeling alone in the face of loss and grief, I highly recommend subscribing to Sherrie's podcast and sharing it with others.

Remember, you are not alone, and there are people who want to help you while you're on your journey of healing and recovery.

Stay encouraged, friends!

From my heart to yours,



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