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About Rachel

Certified Professional Coach, Christian Pet Loss Grief Coach
& Author

Rachel Shirley - Pet Loss Grief Coach and Author with Simon Shirley and their two boxer boys, Spencer and Charley

Rachel Shirley

Certified Professional Coach, Christian Pet Loss Grief Coach, and Author

As a mother of two incredible boxer boys, Spencer and Charley, my life is deeply enriched by their loving companionship.


As a devoted wife and woman of faith, I've dedicated my life to helping those in need of comfort and care during the most painful seasons of their lives.


Many people ask me how I can walk so closely with others during their time of difficulty when losing a pet.

I affectionately share with them that I could not imagine doing anything besides serving my fellow man and their beautiful pets in this loving way.  


Life is precious. Together, let's honor what we've been graciously blessed with...our pet's lives with whom we love so dearly.    

My Philosophy

As a certified professional coach and Christian pet loss grief coach, it's an honor to walk alongside the end-of-life journey with you as you mourn your beloved best friend. My heart unites with yours. 

I believe God created us in His image and that our pets are a reflection of us with their own unique and unforgettable personalities. 


When our pet is sick or suddenly sent to heaven, it's our personal choice of how our grieving process takes shape and what it looks like. 

I believe your pain, grief, disbelief, frustration, anger, and sadness are natural and essential in your healing.

It's been my experience that you never "get over" the death of your sweet one, but you do "get through it" when provided a safe place to talk about it.

Throughout the years, I've concluded that it's never too early or too late to draw upon the riches of memories our beloved sweet ones have provided as we celebrate their lives in our own unique way. 

*I offer a hybrid approach to supporting my clients through coaching/consulting. I do not provide counseling or therapy. However, I'm happy to refer those in need of a counselor or therapist.

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