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Faith on the Journey Podcast Interview with Rev. Jocelyn Jones and Rachel Shirley

Faith on the Journey with Rev. Jocelyn Jones is an excellent resource for Bible-based trauma healing, and I'm honored to share this interview with you.

Beloved friends, as you know, I like to equip and resource you with tools to help you while you're grieving and healing. It's a pleasure to introduce you to my new friend, Rev. Jocelyn, and her podcast, which I believe can be helpful for anyone who has personally experienced trauma or knows of someone who would like a faith-based approach to a trauma-healing journey.

Her company, ministry, and podcast are called "Faith on the Journey." Rev. Jocelyn has a heart of gold and incredible wisdom, knowledge, and expertise in all aspects of Christian Counseling, emphasizing the healing journey for trauma survivors.

We recently had a great conversation about pet loss and all things related to pet loss grief.

You can listen to the audio on the Spotify Channel HERE or the Apple Podcast channel HERE.

Gentle Reminder:

If you or someone you know struggles with trauma in the face of loss and grief, I highly recommend subscribing to the Faith on the Journey podcast and sharing it with others.

Remember, you are not alone, and there are people who want to help you while you're on your journey of healing and recovery.

Stay encouraged, friends!

From my heart to yours,



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