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How Rachel's Book Can Support You:


Divinely Inspired Guidance:

Divinely Inspired Guidance: With Rachel's expertise as a certified coach infused with her profound empathy, this book is a testament to the healing power of faith during loss.


Sacred Bonds Honored:

Sacred Bonds Honored: Explore the spiritual significance of pet companionship, emphasizing our pets as sacred gifts from God entrusted to us temporarily until we are reunited with them in heaven.


Navigating Grief with Grace:

Navigating Grief with Grace: Through Rachel's personal and professional insights, navigate the complex emotions of pet loss with a gentle, faith-based approach.


Stories of Hope & Healing:

Stories of Hope & Healing: Real-life stories and heart-centered coping strategies ensure no one walks through their grief alone, offering a beacon of light in dark times.

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Presented by

Rachel Shirley

Christian Pet Loss Grief Coach

Rache kSHirley Pet Loss Grief Coach and Her Boxers

Certified Professional Coach & Christian Pet Loss Grief Coach

As a mother of two incredible boxer boys, Spencer and Charley, my life is deeply enriched by their loving companionship.

As a devoted wife and woman of faith, I've dedicated my life to helping those in need of comfort and care during the most painful seasons of their lives.


Many people ask me how I can walk so closely with others during their time of difficulty when losing a pet.

I affectionately share with them that I could not imagine doing anything besides serving my fellow man and their beautiful pets in this loving way.  


Life is precious. Together, let's honor what we've been graciously blessed with...our pet's lives with whom we love so dearly.  

“Insightful, calming, and healing. This book was exactly what I needed..."


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