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Sweet & Kind Words

Testimonials from Families

Vida .jpg
Vida .jpg

Angela & Vida 

My grief journey would be a complete disaster if I had not met Rachel... 

When I lost my best friend and "soul dog" Vida on July 28, 2021, I was completely lost.  I didn't know where to turn and quickly discovered that there are very limited resources for pet loss support. Rachel was the answer to my prayers and I could not be more grateful to have found her. When I had my first meeting with Rachel, we immediately connected and I truly felt she was the only one on the planet that could really appreciate the magnitude of my loss. Rachel grieves WITH you. Losing your dog can make you feel so alone because you aren't shrouded with the love and attention you get when losing a human loved one. Rachel is truly there for you in the depth of your sadness. Not only does she understand and support you but each week I met with Rachel, she ALWAYS remembered EVERYTHING we discussed the week prior and would even reference specific pictures of Vida and things I previously said. Having Rachel support me in this journey was truly a 'must' and there is literally no price I could put on the comfort and care she has given to me through this time of despair. ~ Angela 

Cat Portrait

Amy & Minnie

“Rachel is phenomenal. She is truly a blessing who appeared during one of the darkest times in my life. Rachel offers a safe space to process complex grief & make peace with feelings of ensuing guilt. With her loving presence & gentle support, Rachel held my hand through the heartbreaking loss of my beloved Minnie.  With Rachel’s skillful guidance, I can now fondly remember my girl with all the love in my heart and smile once more. Most recently, I have been experiencing anticipatory grief & anxiety with our newest cat’s cancer diagnosis. Once again, Rachel is by my side. I can’t imagine going through this without her. I am so glad we’ve met!"

Hungry Dog

David, Julie & Sampson

"Thank you, Rachel, for helping our family create the most memorable end-of-life journey and send-off for our fur-baby Sampson. We never knew being intentional with our planning for his passing into heaven would bring about such peace while we created final memories with him. We are forever grateful for the support, encouragement, love, and understanding you've poured into our family during this difficult time."

Katayoon & Chocolat 

"After losing my beloved dog companion of many years-a death that launched me into a deeper version of aliveness and living-and being adopted by a semi/wild cat shortly after, I was...spinning. Luckily, Rachel Shirley appeared in my life and spun her fabulous magic in our many conversations! At one of the tenderest, most vulnerable times in my life, Rachel was able to help me explore and discern my heart's true desire in a solid, forward-moving, delicate, kind, optimistic, and ultimately resilient manner. Her way is true. I am still living into the possibilities we explored together in that first session. I am grateful to recommend her as kind, caring, and brilliant. All our love and thanks to you, Dear Rachel!"

Katayoon & Chocolat & Samson (the semi/wild cat)


Mike & Tex 

"I spoke with Rachel after the loss of my best friend, Tex...

I cannot thank Rachel enough for her kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion...She truly understands because she is one of us...She understands your love and your loss in ways you may not have thought of...I'm thankful for Rachel's help..the world needs more people like her."

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