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How to Honor Your Story

Paying honor to a life once lived by remembering the lessons your beloved fur-baby taught you.

Rachel Shirley's ( Pet Loss Grief Coach) Beloved Dog Winston

It's hard to imagine it's only been a year and a half since our beloved Winston went home to heaven. But, as shown in the picture above, Winston had an excellent way of teaching us to live in the moment without regrets.

Lesson from Winston: Live in the moment or regret what could have been.

You see, the chuck-it in his mouth was his famous way of letting us know, "it's time to play, or I'll play without you." I remember having days where I was super eager and ready to play, and other days I was too preoccupied with what felt like the weight of the world upon my shoulders.

Winston taught us in the most joy-filled way to remember the choice is ours in how we spend this moment in time, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Reflect and write down the three top lessons you and your family have learned to honor your love story.

Honoring your love story is one of the most beautiful ways to keep precious memories alive. It's been my experience that I miss Winston every day, and I'm not sure if missing him will ever go away...even if I wanted it to.

But this I do know for sure. By writing down the top lessons he taught my husband and me, we're keeping his memory alive by sharing with others what he's taught us.

God is so amazing how he provides us with our fur-babies to teach us valuable life lessons, and we get to pay them forward to others.

Isn't that what life is about? Whether we learned the lessons from our human companions or our precious pet companions, I believe this to be true.

Now it's your turn, my friend. I invite you to plan some time in the next day to sit quietly in your favorite place and contemplate what your beloved has taught you.

Then write these priceless lessons down and develop a way to make them visible to you and your family.

It could be a hand-painted mural or a typed document on the fridge, or you can have decals made so others can share the benefits from the wisdom fido brought you and your family.

Remember, they are still with you in spirit.

What a beautiful way to honor your story by remembering, embracing, and sharing the valuable lessons they taught you while on earth.

From my heart to yours,



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